Chronic Headache Treatment, Migraine Headache Treatment for Suffolk, Long Island, Nassau, and Surrounding Areas

Chronic Headache Treatment for fast migraine relief

If you need chronic headache treatment in Long Island, Nassau or Suffolk, then Promptcare MD can help. They are a local clinic providing emergency medical services as well as general health care on a walk-in basis. You don’t need an appointment and you won’t wait for hours to receive the medical attention you need. There trained doctors and nurses can help you with most medical conditions including chronic headache treatment.

A chronic headache or migraine is not only unpleasant, it means downtime. You can’t function normally when you have a chronic headache. A migraine is bad news. The good news is that the medical staff at Promptcare use innovative headache treatments that will get rid your migraine in no time at all. A device called SphenoCath® is used in the nerve blocking procedure. The treatment centers around a nerve blocking agent called sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) and provides fast relief from headaches and migraines. This procedure is minimally invasive, efficient, simple and safe. This procedure has a remarkable success rate and in also safe for children, seniors and pregnant women. You don’t have to suffer from debilitating migraine when help is around the corner.

The procedure is relatively inexpensive and offers drug-free relief. This means you don’t need expensive medicines from your local pharmacy. The treatment is also covered under health insurance as well as Medicare.

It is always good to know where your nearest walk in clinic is located. This way you can get prompt medical attention when you need it. Promptcare MD is a walk-in clinic and prompt care facility serving the communities of Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk. They can help you with anything from chronic headache treatment to vaccinations, from stiches to physicals, from splint care to X-rays.