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What to know when you are going to the Emergency Clinic

Emergency clinic is for the patients with life-threatening illnesses. Time there is important. Here are a few things to remember so you don’t delay your treatment or someone else’s.

1. Be clear about why you think it is an emergency

Many patients go to the emergency clinic because their doctor is busy and they can’t get an appointment until next week. Be clear about what it hurts or what you are concerned about, doctors need to know that so they can help you in what to do next.

2. Do not lie or hide the truth

Your life depends on what you say to the emergency clinic doctors. If you hide or lie, it can change the course of your treatment. Many patients go in with chest pain. Chest pain can mean a lot of things. But if you tell the doctor that you are smoking, using drugs or drinking they will figure out easier and faster what is wrong with you. Don’t be embarrassed about your issue they seen and heard almost everything.

3. Know your medical history and what kind of medication you are on

Doctors will ask you about your medical history and if you are taking any medication. If you had any medical problems, surgeries or you have a chronicle illness, it is important they know all that. Knowing it, they can treat you and not spend their time playing the detectives.
Furthermore, many patients say that they are taking the blue pill or the white one. There are a lot of blue or white pills and each of them is for treating another disease. Write the name of the pills, or bring them with you. It’s also important that you know what dosage you take.

4. Don’t go looking for another opinion

Often people go to the emergency clinic because they are convinced that the other doctors misdiagnosed their problem. It is not for the emergency department to solve the mystery. Most people expect the new doctor to make all sorts of tests and get instant ease. It is not said not go to the emergency clinic if you are not feeling good, but analyze the pain you are having. It is the same headache you are used to have or it is much worse?

5. Share your frustration

If you have any financial problems, mention that to your doctor. They are not giving you the care you need if they prescribe you drugs you can’t afford to fill. By mentioning it they can prescribe another type of medication that you can take.
Besides, doctors in emergency clinics can seem rushed or distracted when they have more patients coming in. But if something is not clear to you or you need more information share with them.
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