Immediate Care in Levittown, Massapequa, West Babylon, and all the Surrounding Areas

If you are suffering from some non-threatening symptoms that require instant relief, the right solution for you would be to go to an urgent care center. Urgent care centers can provide you with immediate care and also accept several insurance programs, reducing your medical treatment costs. Apart from this, you can enjoy the walk-in facilities of such centers and get your treatment done without making any appointment or standing at the queue. We, at Prompt Care MD, offer you skilled and experienced physicians who are available for 12 hours every day for several healthcare services and urgent care facilities including earaches and sore throats, coughs, colds, asthma, allergies, lacerations, abrasions, IV fluids and antibiotics, foreign body removals, along with x-ray, multiple labs on site, and vaccinations. If you are based in areas likeAmityville, Levittown, Lindenhurst, Massapequa, Melville, and West Babylon, then you can resort to us without any hesitation.  

So, when is the right time to see an urgent care center? Here we have put together a few reasons why you can visit an urgent care center. Immediate care, Levittown, Massapequa, West Babylon

  • Minor Wounds 

Minor cuts and wounds are a normal part of life but sometimes these require tetanus shots or even need prescribed antibiotics from credible medical practitioners as there is a chance of infection from such cuts. Therefore, you should resort to an urgent care center and get the requisite care needed. 

  • Sprain Injuries 

Did you have a serious fall or an injury while indulging in some kind of a sport? Often, these activities can lead to sprains or fractures. In such a case, you might need immediate medical attention or else the situation could become further dangerous. Along with clinical observation, you will also get x-rays done from such immediate care centers. 

So, these were some of the reasons why you might need to go to an urgent care provider. If you have suffered from these or any other problem, you can call us at (631) 576-4190 now.