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Why You Should Opt For Urgent Care Centers Services

Have you ever asked yourself if you should opt for an urgent care center service in case of emergency…?

Urgent care centers are staffed with physicians and nurses trained in emergency medicine. If a UCC is affiliated with a hospital system, the doctor you see at a UCC may be the same one you would see in that hospital’s emergency department.

According to the Urgent Care Association of America, there are more than 6,900 centers nationwide, though other sources put the number at a point of 9,000. And this number is believed to be growing!

Urgent care centers have lower costs compared with emergency departments. They also have easy access which have attracted both patients and investors as the industry looks for lower-cost options and resources.

Unlike hospitals, urgent care centers are not legally obligated to treat everyone. UCCs can pick their patient population…!

As a patient in a UCC facility you gain access to medical care without an appointment, and reduce time and costs. They also receive a level of care that may extend beyond what their primary care physician is able to provide.

Patients and Healthcare systems that include urgent care centers can also benefit in a number of ways…

First of all, they can reduce burden on hospital emergency departments. UCCs can ensure proper patient care (i.e., nights, weekends, and holidays) and are correctly routed to specialists, hospitals and other branches within the system.

Without dramatic change from our traditional primary care providers, the first step in every patient journey may be into an urgent care center…

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