Urgent Care Centers in Levittown and Lindenhurst, NY

A convenient and accessible urgent care clinic close to you

The main goal of an urgent care clinic is to provide accessible and convenient top quality medical care for people with non-life threatening conditions. If you an immediate life threatening medical condition, you should call 911 – for all other emergency and non-emergency conditions you can simply go to one of local urgent care centers. Promptcare MD is an urgent care clinic serving the communities of Oceanside, Oyster Bay, Queens NY, Rockville Center and Suffolk County.

A local walk in clinic such as Promptcare offers a comprehensive range of medical services and can deal with a variety of conditions that range from allergic reactions to dislocations, from asthma to lacerations. Basically an urgent care clinic is equipped to deal with a wide spectrum of pre-ambulatory conditions including minor surgical procedures.

There are many urgent care centers around the country and it is good to know exactly where your local walk in clinic is located. So when you or a loved one needs medical attention you don’t have to wait a week to get an appointment with your private physician or drive for miles to get to a major hospital. It does not matter whether you have a migraine, respiratory problems or a skin infection, your local urgent care clinic has qualified physicians and nurses who are ready to provide you with the medical treatment you need and deserve.

Urgent care centers usually have on-site services such as x-ray, ultrasound, laboratory and pharmaceutical facilities so you can receive the treatment you need under one roof. This means your doctor can perform the required tests and prescribe the appropriate treatment without you having to go from this location to another one many miles away.

Your urgent care clinic does not want to replace your private doctor. They offer a convenient and complimentary service and they will be happy to inform and update your private physician regarding any treatment your received.