Urgent Care in Levittown, West Babylon, Massapequa, and all the Surrounding Areas

Do you seriously need medical attention but you believe that the ailment isn’t serious enough to be deemed an ‘emergency’? Then, you should definitely consider visiting the nearest urgent care center. Introduced to the United Stated in the early 1970s, these centers were positioned to provide ambulatory care outside the framework of traditional emergency services. Their widespread popularity and rapid expansion have seen more than 10,000 such centers sprout across the country. We, at Prompt Care MD, are one of the best medical centers offering immediate care in and around areas like Amityville, Levittown, Lindenhurst, Massapequa, Melville, and West Babylon. So, you can resort to us if you ever need us. 

Urgent Care, Levittown, West Babylon, Massapequa

However, given that minimal regulation that circumscribes their operations, you definitely must ask these 3 questions if you want to be rest assured that you’re placing your life/health in a pair of safe hands. 

  • What is the quality of the medical personnel at the center? 

Is there a battery of doctors readily available to tend to your needs? Are there contracted radiologists (on-site or off-site) who can easily read your X-Ray reports? Who is the medical director? You have every right to demand answers to these questions as you have every right to check their background. 

  • What are the medical facilities (equipment/diagnostics) like? 

What is the length & breadth of lab testing facilities that the center has to offer? Can they provide treatment for common ailments such as respiratory attacks? You should ask whether such centers have provisions for urinalysis, rapid ENT diagnostics, pregnancy tests, et al. However, you should normally not go in expecting more nuanced services. 

  • How economical is the deal? 

What form of insurance would they accept? How much are these procedures going to cost? We all are in consensus that the relationship between a patient and a healthcare provider should be extremely transparent. The economics involved should not be an exception either. 


So, if you ever need us, then you can call us at (631) 576-4190 now.