Walk-in clinic in Massapequa, Levittown, Amityville, NY

The specialty of the walk-in clinic

You cannot foresee either an injury or an illness. An accident will never make an appointment. During emergencies when you need prompt medical care and your family physician is not available what will you do? Relax, we are your savior. We at Promptcare MD is a leading walk in clinic and our service areas include the different parts of Amityville, Levittown, Lindenhurst, Massapequa and West Babylon. Be rest assured we will offer you convenient and best quality medical care for conditions that are non-life threatening. No matter you are down with flu or experienced an injury, we can take care of your needs within a short notice.

The Promptcare MD Difference

  • First and foremost, we are easily accessible during weekends and also during the non-business hours, particularly on weekdays that is you can visit our doctor without leaving work
  • Time is certainly of the essence when you hurt yourself. You can simply come to our clinic without an appointment.
  • With us you are sure to get quality medical service. We offer superior quality medical solutions with highly qualified nurses, urgent care physicians and physician’s assistants. Relax, they are licensed, certified and recognized
  • Dependable and quick diagnostic has always been the key when it comes to quality treatment and this is exactly what we offer.
  • If you have experienced a minor injury or suffering from any ailment do not ignore it. Infections, fever, sprains and animal bites if left untreated, will become more troublesome. We offer excellent care with convenience
  • The best part is every service that we offer is covered by insurance. This means you can obtain medical attention for bruises, cuts, stomach upsets, minor fractures and rashes
  • Our staffs are courteous and friendly and will guide you in the best way possible. Our physicians will right away build a good rapport with you and work with you in diagnosing your problem better and offering better treatment
  • We have advanced medical facilities, a comfortable atmosphere and capable doctors to offer unmatched services

Next time you need emergency medical aid do not hesitate to walk into our clinic.