X-Rays in Lindenhurst, Melville, Levittown, and all the Surrounding Areas

If you need x-rays in Amityville, Farmingdale, Lindenhurst, Massapequa, Melville or West Babylon, then Promptcare MD can help. They are a walk-in clinic, so they can help with a lot more than x-rays. Because x-rays are often needed, it is good to know your emergency clinic has x-ray facilities on site. 

Physicians use x-rays to see inside your body.  X-ray images appear in various shades of black and white. Different parts of the body absorb different amounts of radiation. When an x-ray beam passes through the body, a portion of the x-rays is either absorbed or scattered by the internal structures.  An X-ray pattern is transmitted to a film or a computer screen for recording or further processing by a computer. 

Calcium absorbs the most and that is why bones appear white on x-ray images. Soft tissue absorbs less than bones and appears grey. Air absorbs the least which makes lungs appear black on x-ray images. 

X-Rays, Lindenhurst, Melville, Levittown

X-rays are most use to check for broken bones and fractures. However x-rays can also be used to identify other issues. Chest x-rays are used to spot lung diseases such as pneumonia. Mammograms are a type x-rays used to spot breast cancer. 

Now you might think that this radiation stuff in x-rays could be harmful to your body. The fact is your body only absorbs a small amount of radiation during x-rays. For certain types of x-rays you may be required to wear a lead apron for protection. 

X-rays are a form or medical imaging. Medical imaging helps physicians to make correct diagnosis and informed decisions when it comes to treatment. There are several modalities when it comes to medical imaging. Computed tomography (CT), fluoroscopy, and radiography (“conventional X-ray” including mammography) all use ionizing radiation to create images of the body.